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Babica Štafileo


Babica Štafileo

Babica, autochthonous red grape variety with high oenological potential, is one of the most frequent grape variety in Kaštela - Trogir vineyards. What is interesting about this grape variety is its genetic profile. One of its closest ancestors is Plavac Mali while the other one is unknown. This grape variety was created spontaneously by natural genetic mixing. During the years people saw its potential and soon it became basic red grape variety in Kaštela. It is soft and drinkable wine with 12.5% of alcohol.

  • Grape variety:Babica
  • Category:still wine
  • Sweetness:dry
  • Color:dark ruby
  • Aromas:
  • Alcohol:13 %
  • Package:0,75l
  • Serve at:16-18 °C
  • Gastronomic recommendation:various Dalmatian brudet (fish stew), grilled fish and crab, red and white meat dishes, vegetarian dishes
Vino Vuina

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